Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises For Your Upper Body

Today I’m going to share with you the top 5 best bodyweight exercises that work your upper body.

Some of these you more than likely know but I bet there’s at least one exercise here that you haven’t tried before.

#1) Regular or Cheat Chin Ups

Most people in the general population cannot do a chin up to save their life – and that includes the blokes. A chin up is without a doubt the best upper bodyexercise, well in fact, the best exercise for any group because it is so challenging.

Most people will know how a chin up should look so here’s a video of what to do if you cannot do a regular chin up. I call it the cheat chin up.

#2) Decline Push Ups

I love these because they work your chest, shoulders and triceps (just upping the intensity factor by 100) like a normal push up does but it also cranks up the intensity on your abs too. Sure, your abs work during a traditional push up but nothing like they do in this baby!

3) The Wave

The Wave is a recent addition to my bodyweight training arsenal. Sure, it works your butt, hamstrings, quads and abs too but it’s a really tough exercise on your arms – especially the triceps because you have to briefly support your bodyweight on only one arm.

#4) Tabletop Push Ups

Once again, like The Wave, it works your whole body but there is a massive focus on the upper body here when you do either a traditional Push Up in the tabletop position or crank up the challenge even further for a Diamond Tabletop Push Up.

#5) Stick Ups

Stick Ups may look like a pretty basic exercise. In theory it should be – all you do is stick your arms up in the air and bring them back down.

Do 20 of them, 50 if you’re advanced and tell me if they’re still easy…

A great back exercise that uses absolutely no equipment whatsoever.

So there’s my top 5 – what would you include? Did I miss anything?

These are just a taste of what you can get access to when you take the Bodyweight Blitz Home Exercise Challenge.

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