Healthy Eating Tips: Best Thai Meal Options

One of my superstar success story clients, Louanne, gave me a great idea this morning. She was wanting to know what my best are for she is eating out.

This is pretty smart and is especially appropriate for anyone who eats out a number of times each week and doesn’t want to blow all their cheat meals at once.

So today I’m going to go through a Thai menu that I found in the drawer at home. Now I’ve never been to this place but most Thai restaurants that I’ve dined in are pretty similar.

So your chances are good that you’ll be able to find something like this at your local.

Can You Eat Healthy At Thai? Let’s Find Out


To be honest, your best bet here is to skip the entree all together. The best way to look at this is if you were eating at home how often would you eat an entree before your main?

Not very often right, and definitely not during the week when you just want to get a quick meal done after getting home late.

So my tip is to skip the entree entirely but if I had a gun to my head and had to pick just one thing I can say that it would have to be the tasty beef (stir fry beef marinated in soy sauce).

I’d definitely be avoiding all the fried stuff like spring rolls, curry puffs and money bags etc.


The easy option is pick something from the salad section, where you could choose pretty much anything.

But I’d go for something like Yum Neau – grilled beef mixed with lemon juice, mint chilli and herbs served on a lettuce bed. That’s perfect. But not what most people eat at Thai.

Apart from that I reckon your best bet is to go for a stir fry option. Once again you can pretty much go for your life here.

I’d be going for the chicken and cashew nut (one of my personal faves) that just has chicken stir fried with chilli jam, cashew nuts, broccoli, capsicum, onion and shallots.

For vegetarians, to be honest there is nothing really healthy on the menu I have in front of me. Even the veggies are coated in flour for some unknown reason.

Other places might be different so stay away from the fried stuff and you should be sweet.


Definitely give the fried rice a miss and opt for boiled rice if you have to have anything here. But to be honest, ask yourself whether you really need it or not.

Thai is usually pretty filling without all the extra rice so you may be saving yourself some extra calories that your body will probably only store as fat anyway.


Definitely give these a miss at a Thai place. I’ve never had a dessert here before and the way I see it they don’t look that tempting on the menu so why bother wasting a cheat meal on something that won’t taste that great to start with.

Save it for when you’re at a nice restaurant with a fancy dessert you’ll be glad you chose instead of something you’re going to regret later.

So there you have the game plan for when you’re aiming to eat healthy when you’re dining out on Thai.

This road map will save your waist line from stacking on the extra kgs and will help you burn belly fat while you’re still dining out at a place where you may not have thought it was possible to eat smarter.

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