6 High Protein Snack Ideas

I often get asked what are some of the best high protein snack options that can be easily packed into your lunch pack for your day in the office.

There are so many options you can go for and being caught short without anything is not even an excuse as these things take minutes to prepare (if that) each morning.

So here you go, a list of my top 6 high protein snack ideas to incorporate into your healthy eating plan:

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1) The perfect snack is a handful of unsalted, raw nuts:

Take your pick from almonds, cashews, pecans, brazil nuts, whatever.

My personal choice is vary it up each time you go shopping so you don’t get sick of the same old nuts each time or even better buy mixed nut packs. These things are great.

You buy a 6 pack of packaged nuts so your portion size is controlled and you don’t over indulge – very easy to do if you’ve got cashews or macadamias in front of you in my opinion!

Be careful of some packaged nuts – even if they are unsalted some of them have vegetable oil coated all over them – don’t fall for this trick thinking “Oh it’s vegetable oil, that must mean it’s healthy”. It is far from it my friend. Stay away from them.

You’ll be able to tell the difference as they have a darker colour than raw nuts that are untouched and much lighter in colour.

Remember: All nuts are not created equal – stay away from ones with vegetable oil

2) Seed Mix:

Take your pick as there’s heaps to choose from – either sunflower, pumpkin seeds, pepitas, you name it.

Mix them in together for a bit of variety or even buy them in a pre-packaged mix like I do.

The mix I buy (brand escapes me at the moment sorry) even comes with pine nuts. These are perfect to add to your after dinner supper of frozen berries – my personal fave.

3) Crispy Vegetables with hommus:

My personal preference is to use carrot sticks but you can use celery sticks, or capsicum strips, whatever you fancy and just dunk them in hommus.

This one’s a little bit harder to transport around as you really need a fridge handy or a portable esky (cooler for our North American friends or chilly bin for our kiwi friends) with an ice brick to keep the hommus cool and fresh.

4) A can of Tuna or Salmon:

This alone is a great on the go snack – you just bring a fork with you and you’re ready to roll. To be honest, when I’m really under the pump time wise when I’m out and about, I’ll use a can of tuna as a perfect post workout feed.

Something that is really quick and easy to scoff down and with plenty of protein and fat to get the body what it needs.

5) Greek Yoghurt:

Greek yoghurt is a little known power food as far as dairy is concerned in my book. It’s packed full of protein and has very little carb and sugar content if it is in it’s natural form when stacked up against all the other yoghurt varieties.

The taste though can be pretty full on so I like to disguise it with some honey drizzled on top and add in some nuts or seeds plus some fruit for an extra nutritional dose.

6) ABC Nut Spread:

I’m giving you one of my big secrets here. This is my secret snacking weapon that packs a great protein punch.

All it is is Almonds, Brazil Nuts and Cashew Nuts – hence the name ABC Spread. I believe in other parts of the world you can find something similar like nut butter or the like.

Basically, it’s peanut butter without the crap added! If you read the ingredients list you’ll find that the only ingredient is nuts and nothing else added!

How good is that! Fittingly, you find it in the health food section of your local supermarket.

I’ll give you the heads up that it ain’t cheap (something like $6 or $7 a jar) but what price do you put on your health? It’s sure cheaper in the long term than dosing up on peanut butter. Your belly will thank you!

Now, I’ll also go on the record as saying I don’t believe that protein bars and protein shakes are a healthy high protein snack.

Sure, they pack a pretty mean protein punch but the one big thing you’ll notice is that these 6 snack ideas that I’ve mentioned above are all natural.

Now you’ve got my favourite high protein snacks, I’d love to hear what you like to nibble on during the day? Leave your response in the comments section below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “6 High Protein Snack Ideas

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  2. Hobart Personal TrainerNo Gravatar

    Some of those canned chicken can be OK.
    Not ideal all the time, but as a snack on the go its going to be heaps better than a lot of things.
    They seem to be appearing in more and more supermarkets in the same aisle as the tinned fish.

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  4. AlisaNo Gravatar

    I love chia gel! Soak a tablespoon of chia seeds in water until they become gelly (and they last for ever out on the counter, as long as you add a bit of water now and then). Then I add raisins, or pumpkin seeds, or honey, or almond milk, fruits, or oats…..pretty much everything goes well with it and the texture is phenomenal.

    You can find more high protein snacks here!

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